Daniel Chernenkov

In the last 10 years, I've worked with both early-stage startups and large growth tech companies.

Focused on planning and building high quality and versatile software architecture solutions with a bold experience in keeping the business running without any interference in high volume picks.

I am passionate about the work I do and thrive in a competitive environment.

My Services


With a certified honor from Google, I'm bringing with me a 5 years of experience with Kubernetes internals

Cloud Infra

Experienced cloud engineer with an adjustable understanding for each of the company's needs with smart planning.

Remote Access

Remote access can be sometimes a big pain and not so safe. Worked with SSOs and I have a good VPN-less solution for you!


Event Driven architecture, Microservices architecture or even a Serverless? Thinking about some of those? Let me know. I love it!

My Services

Kubernetes Handyman
  • Full hands-on cluster (GCP, AWS, Azure) management
  • ConfigMaps and Secrets smart management
  • Planning and executing DevOps tasks
  • Monitoring & Support
Architecture & Planning
  • Code & Cloud Architecture
  • Microservices & Serverless components
  • Vault, Secrets & Cloud components
  • Database Modeling and Aggrigation
  • All other benefits +
  • Planning and building team acquisition
  • High level coding project tasks
  • Keeping you safe with 24/7 monitoring