I'm Daniel, a full stack developer based in Israel who breaths and dreams code and software. For over 5 years, I’ve been helping businesses develop their perfect projects and ideas.
I also do consulting on compensation and benefits, new hire processes, software architecture, cloud architecture and company culture.

Projects & Companies

My latest favourite projects and a few companies that I have worked at


I have an experience in backend, software and mobile (Android, iOS) architecture in particular with the server side layer.

I worked with GCP and AWS platforms as Backend engineering and gained lots of experience in core services in both platforms.

Experienced with all aspects in Android development (services, data, networking), specific well known Android architecture like MVP, MVVM and libraries.
Also, as part of my work in the Machine Learning field, integrated Tensorlite in apps with JNI (C++).
As for iOS, worked with Swift 4 and managed smart code architecture for data management and network.

Team Management

The biggest asset in the life of a company is the human resources

Had the privilege to work in big and small teams, to learn and gain an experience in different situations with teams and people. Experienced guy with ability to manage people in tough situations in specific tasks.

What people think