Daniel Chernenkov
Kubernetes, Cloud Infrastructure and R&D
About Me

I'm Daniel, a software architect based in Israel who using code on a daily basis. For over 5 years, I've been helping businesses develop their projects and make their dreams come true. I do consulting for R&D departments, new hire processes, software architecture, cloud architecture and company culture development.

My Services
Code Lifecycle

Code review, automated testing and a full coding flow based on Git/SVN. Worked with diffrenet flows of Git policies, created diffrenet types of automated tests and CI/CD


Diffrenet architecture for Mobile (MVVM), Servers (MVC, Microservices) and databases data modeling objects.

Team Managment

The biggest asset in the life of a company is the human resources. Experienced in working and managing R&D groups


Building high and low level architectures based on Microservices

Fun Facts
10Km Runner
3 Awards Won
1 000 Cups of coffee
12 Countries Visited
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  • Address . . . . . Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel
  • Email . . . . . hi@danielckv.com
  • Phone . . . . . +972-52640-1664
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