Daniel Chernenkov

I am Daniel Chernenkov, a science and technology enthusiast with more than 8 years of experience in the Israeli high-tech sector.

Understanding long-term strategy and short-term customer needs and leveraging my technology background to build successful products with vast experience in delivering high scale and high availability solutions.

My Services


With a certified honor from Google, I'm bringing with me a 5 years of experience with Kubernetes internals

Cloud Infra

Exprienced cloud engineer with adjustable understanding for each of the companies needs with smart planning.

Remote Access

Remote access can be sometimes a big pain and not so safe. Worked with SSOs and I have a good VPN-less solutions for you!


Event Driven architecture, Microservices architecture or even a Serverless? Thinking about some of those? Let me know. I love this :)

My Services

Kubernetes Handyman
  • Full hands-on clustr managment
  • ConfigMaps and Secret smart managment
  • Planning and executing DevOps tasks
  • Monitoring & Support
Architecture & Planning
  • Code & Cloud Architecture
  • Microservices & Serverless components
  • Vault, Secrets & Cloud components
  • Database Modeling and Aggrigation
  • All other benefits +
  • Planning and building team acquisition
  • High level coding project tasks
  • Keeping you safe with 24/7 monitoring